Georgia Online Casinos 2024 – Which One to Pick?

Let’s look at the best online casino sites available in Georgia, focusing on sweepstakes casinos which offer legal gambling fun in this state without any current legal real money gaming. So, are you curious about your online gambling options in Georgia? It’s still possible to have big fun, fun, fun!

Stay tuned to discover not only the top social casino sites, but also the perks they offer, including exclusive bonuses! Let’s get started with the legality of these online havens for players in the state of Georgia.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Find out your back-up options for online gambling in Georgia.
  • Register at one of our 5 recommended Sweepstakes casinos in Georgia to enjoy a great gaming experience.
  • For real money gambling, discover which is the best land-based casino in Georgia state.

Are Real Money Online Casinos Legal in Georgia?

Looking to play the best Georgia online casino? Unfortunately, fate isn’t on your side for playing in the Peach State! Online casino games in Georgia through the form of gambling with real money are currently not legal other than through social casinos, which we’ll cover in depth.

As for Georgia’s online casino legality, in 2020, Georgia made a couple of moves on the gambling front. House Resolution 378, which was supposed to widen the state’s gambling laws, didn’t make the cut. There was also an attempt to get sports betting off the ground with Senate Bill 386, but it got nixed by the Georgia legislature.

There won’t be any online gambling until a new set of laws pass, meaning it’s going to be a while before you’re playing real money games online in Georgia.

Our Top 5 Sweepstakes Online Casinos in Georgia

Although you can’t play in a regular online casino in Georgia, you have a great other option: Sweepstakes online casinos in Georgia (and other US states) let you play games for free with the chance to win real prizes. Think of it like the really great cousin — the family name and most of the benefits! You can play and still get something for it as a Georgia resident.

Sweepstakes casino sites operate legally in Georgia, under U.S. sweepstakes laws, offering a safe and fun way to enjoy GA online gambling without direct monetary bets. When it comes to the best online casino in Georgia, sweepstakes casinos will be your sweet spot. Even better, the legal gambling age for social casinos is lower at the bare minimum, 18 years old!

Curious about the top picks? Check out the best sweepstakes online casinos. Let’s see what social online casinos offer!

Wow Casino in Georgia

Wow Casino stands out as one of the top sweepstakes casinos in Georgia thanks to its generous welcome offer of 250,000 WOW Coins plus 5 Free Sweepstake Coins. Plus, their player base speaks for itself — over 1 million players call Wow their home casino. Besides their site, a mobile app is also available to Georgia residents!

Wow Casino blends the thrill of real money online casinos in Georgia with the accessibility of sweepstakes. Here, you can play games using WOW Coins, while Sweepstake Coins open the door to redeeming real prizes. I will say that Wow Casino has one of the best players rewards programs I’ve seen – you can really stack up bonuses when you sign up!

→ My favorite game here is Take the Bank slot by Betsoft. Its quirky Claymation-like theme and unique bomb bonus mechanic add a twist to each spin, plus I love the advertised 96.08% RTP.

Fortune Coins in Georgia

Fortune Coins Casino excels as a sweepstakes casino for Georgia gambling with an enticing welcome bonus of up to 1,230,000 GC and 3,900 free FC for new accounts. That’s right – over a million free fun money coins! Plus, since they offer a mobile app on top of their site to play online, so you have plenty of ways to play.

It’s not just the signup perks; daily bonuses, a refer-a-friend program, and monthly game-specific promotions make it a compelling choice for Georgia players. When the sign-up bonus is so huge, there’s plenty of money on your bankroll to explore every promo, after all!

→ At Fortune Coins, my favorite game is the slot game Net Gains by Relax Gaming. This game hooks players like me with its unique rig fishing theme and a sea of bonus symbols, including the big bonus bell that promises hefty catches if you’re lucky to reap the game’s high 96.10% RTP!

High 5 Casino in Georgia

High 5 Casino in Georgia reels you in with a unique blend of excitement and rewards. As a standout sweepstakes casino, it welcomes players with 250 Game Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins, and 600 Diamonds.

It’s those exclusive diamonds that can skyrocket your gameplay once you understand what they do! Collect these gems by logging in every four hours, securing a spot on leaderboards, or randomly during play. Use them to snatch free spins, multipliers, or even redeem them for gift cards.

Featuring everything from classic online slots to live dealer games. If variety is the spice of life, then High 5 Casino is the entire spice rack, whether by their mobile casino app or their website! By the way, High 5 is my top pick here is the progressive slots — jackpot hunters, this one’s for you!

Spin-Vention by High 5 Game’s in-house studio is my favorite – that 96.00% RTP is great, and it directly appeals to my love for steam engineering. I call it a win-win!

Golden Hearts Games in Georgia

Golden Hearts Games can be a literal translation for those of us who love supporting good causes! Part of the draw is that Golden Hearts actively donates to charity from their proceeds. Their new player bonus is simple but effective, 5,000 free coins and no cap on refer-a-friend bonuses. For a social and sweepstakes casino that makes a difference, you can’t pick a better brand.

While games are limited, they do have some great in-house developed games and are known for an impressive base of bingo games that start about every ten minutes.

→ My favorite feature is their in-house Big Mega Jackpot for 125,000 Redeemable Coupons ($250) if I’m still up and available at 10 PM EST!

Sweeptastic Casino in Georgia

Sweeptastic is a great choice for players who love to play slots and table games, especially the table game classics – we’re talking about video poker and many poker variations, sic bo, blackjack, baccarat, and others!

While their website is comprehensive, be careful — it can be a little outdated-looking at times, but it is still one of the best options for a social casino in the state that offers traditional table-style casino gaming.

→ My personal favorite at Sweeptastic is their in-house video poker Caribbean Poker, I like the inversion of playing against the house rather than against other players for once!

Want to Bet Real Money? The Only Land-Based Casino in Georgia

Looking for a real money gambling experience in Georgia? The Emerald Princess Casino stands as the state’s sole physical casino, offering the classic casino experience… Three miles out to sea?

Emerald Princess Casino in Brunswick

That’s right, Georgia’s only casino is a luxury yacht experience that drives you three miles out to sea to gamble to your heart’s content before returning to land, hopefully with fuller pockets than when you started! Before you set sail, check out our interactive map for directions and more details on this exclusive gaming destination.

I play the tables and enjoy the closest thing to Vegas Georgia has to offer. Winning is good, but the dinner and time with friends on the water is much better.

Dusty Olsen, from Google Review

As Georgia online casino player reviews indicate, the Emerald Princess sails out multiple times a week from their Georgia-based dock. The ship offers gambling for the entirety of the ship is parked at sea, as well as a comprehensive dining room and live entertainment most weekend nights.

  • Address: 101 Emerald Princess Dr, Brunswick, GA 31523
  • Phone Number: 800.842.0115
  • Website:
  • Review on Google: 3.8/5
  • Opening Hours:
    • Thursday:  7 PM to Midnight
    • Friday: 11AM to 4PM
    • Saturday: 11AM to 4PM
    • Sunday: 1 PM to 6 PM / 7PM to Midnight

How to Declare Taxable Winnings in Georgia?

It may be a little more difficult to gamble in person in Georgia than in other states, but declaring your taxable winnings in Georgia is straightforward!

Here’s how you declare your taxable winnings legally:

  1. Keep Records: Maintain detailed logs of your wins and losses.
  2. Form W-2G: Receive this form from casinos if your winnings exceed the threshold. The general rule is $600 or more if the amount is at least 300 times the wager.
  3. Report to IRS: Include all winnings on your federal tax return.
  4. State Taxes: Georgia requires reporting winnings as income when you file your state taxes. If you live in another state and gambled on a visit, follow your state’s tax laws.

Don’t let taxes catch you by surprise! For more details and to ensure compliance, IRS’s W-2G info page for filing your federal taxes. Stay ahead of the game and keep your winnings legit!

Other Legal Gambling Activities in Georgia

While traditional sports betting, commercial casinos, and online casino gambling are illegal in Georgia, there are a few exceptions:

  1. Lottery: The Georgia Lottery is robust, offering numerous draw games and scratch-offs.
  2. Sportsbooks: Sportsbooks are currently not legal in the Peach State; however, there are regular efforts in the state legislature to change this!
  3. Horse Racing: There is currently no live horse race betting in Georgia and no legal betting on races through sportsbooks.
  4. Charitable Gambling: Bingo and raffles are legal when conducted by qualified nonprofit organizations.

For those of us keen on casino-style gaming, sweepstakes casinos remain the best legal alternative.

History of Gambling in Georgia

Georgia’s history with gambling throws us some of the strictest gambling laws in the USA. Up to the 90s it largely hadn’t changed since it was a British colony!

  • 1733 — Gambling Banned by the Colony: Gambling was made illegal as Georgia’s founders fought to maintain “moral order” among the colony’s early settlers.
  • 1992 Georgia Lottery is launched: According to the Georgia Lottery’s official website, “The Georgia Lottery was created in November 1992 by the people of Georgia to enhance education funding.”
  • 1993 Georgia Lottery’s First Sale: Gov. Zell Miller kicks off the customer launch of the lottery by buying the first ticket.
  • 2012 Online Lottery Sales Begin: Shockingly, one of the first states to introduce digital lottery sales, the state legalized online lottery play in the fall of 2012.

Times are changing, that is true, but Georgia is one of the states with the slowest progress toward comprehensive legalized gambling.

What’s Next for Georgia Online Casinos?

According to a gambling poll conducted by the University of Georgia, out of 1,000 respondents, 45.6% reported that they favored legalized gambling and 11.8% answered as ambivalent or not knowing.

What the poll shows is that while state lawmakers may be more conservative. The increasingly online public and younger generation of voters want the freedom of being able to gamble online on their favorite game or bet on their favorite sports.

For most of us, including myself as a writer, I think that the writing is on the wall – legalized gambling of many types will eventually come into play as surrounding states legalize gambling of all forms. State lawmakers see the cash base they’re missing out on.

So, Will You Bet from Georgia Tonight?

Is online casino legal in Georgia? Not yet. Georgia online casino legality narrows down to sweepstakes casinos. When it comes to Georgia online casino sites, sweepstakes casinos are your way to play legally.

Use the insights from this guide to navigate the sweepstakes casino landscape safely and effectively. You’ve been handed the keys to having fun! Curious to know about online casino legality in other US states?