Best Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Ready to start your casino adventure with the best rewards? To dive into online gambling and enjoy the best casino rewards?

The top US online casinos offer robust loyalty programs where you can earn reward credits, enjoy benefits, and redeem them for exclusive perks. Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, these programs ensure a rewarding experience.

This guide highlights the best casino rewards programs and tips to maximize your gaming benefits.

🔑 Key Takeaways 

  • Find out what online casino loyalty programs entail.  
  • Discover the top five gaming sites with the best casino loyalty programs in the United States.
  • You’ll learn how to make the most of the rewards and benefits to which you are entitled as a member of a casino loyalty program.

Understanding Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Online casino rewards programs are designed to reward players who regularly earn points by playing at an online casino. These programs encourage continued play with personalized bonuses, including free spins, cashback, reload offers, and free play merchandise.

Rewards members typically start at a basic tier and climb the loyalty ladder higher as they accumulate experience points (XPs) through gameplay, increasing benefits received by the platform.

For example: At Jackpot City Casino, I earned loyalty points from wagers and redeemed them online for bonus credits once I reached a threshold.

Both online and in-person, these programs allow you to earn points to redeem online in exchange for various casino bonus offers, like bonus bets and other rewards.

Best Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Many online gambling sites have their distinct casino loyalty programs. We’ve conducted our research and unearthed online casinos with the best loyalty programs in 2024.


BetRivers has a unique casino loyalty bonus program tagged iRush Rewards Program. Once you’re part of this scheme, every wager you make grants you two point variations:

  • Bonus Store Points used to redeem prizes in the Bonus Store.
  • Loyalty Level Points used to boost your Loyalty Level. 

Borgata Casino

If you’re looking for a great loyalty program casino to join, consider the variant at Borgata Casino. This site’s loyalty scheme — iRewards â€” is available to anyone who’s created a real money account.

Every time you play for real money at Borgata Casino, you’ll receive iRewards Points. You can use iRPs in the store and redeem them for bonuses, cash, and Express Comps. 


FanDuel Casino has one of the best casino loyalty programs available to players. As a FanDuel loyal member, you’ll be eligible for special promotions, a personal account manager, access to exclusive events, priority customer support, and luxury experiences. 

To enter FanDuel’s rewards program, you must be a high roller.


PokerStars has a loyalty program that seeks to cheer all its players, regardless of their style of play. Once you’re part of PokerStars’ rewards scheme, you’ll get personalized assistance from a dedicated host, invitations to live events globally, access to special bonuses, and much more.

PokerStars Rewards Program has 8 tiers:

  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Black
  • Service
  • Service +

However, only those meeting the casino’s wagering and transaction requirements will be invited to join the program. 


BetMGM Casino has a loyalty program proper to MGM properties, tagged BetMGM Rewards. Unlike the rewards schemes at most online casinos, this initiative is available to all players, regardless of their gaming milestones.

This reward program has five unique levels. You’ll get access to free bets, and point boosts across these levels:

Loyalty Program TierReward Points and Tier Points RequirementsBenefits Members Can Earn
1. Sapphire TierGranted at registration– Benefits to use at brick-and-mortal MGM
– Rewards properties: entertainment, dining, free parking, room stays.
– Earn slot dollars to play for free online slots, video poker & lottery games.
2. Pearl Tier20,000 earn tier credits– Same Sapphire perks
– 10% slot dollars
3. Gold Tier75,000 earn tier credits – Same Pearl perks
– 20% slot dollars
– $100 dining credit to use at brick-and-mortar MGM restaurants
4. Platinum Tier200,000 tier credits – Same Gold perks
30% slot dollars
– $200 dining credit at MGM-owned restaurants
– Other luxury items & privileges: valet, air travel credits, casino resort hotel stays, cruise credits…
5. Noir TierBy invitationAccess to all the highest tier benefits:
– Same Platinum perks
– $500 dining credit for MGM land-based restaurants
– Access to premium customer support 40% slot dollars

Fun Fact: Over 86% of players tend to unsubscribe from gambling sites, sending them numerous promotional messages. As such, personalizing offers, as seen in most casinos’ loyalty schemes, is the way to go!

How to Join an Online Casino Loyalty Program

To join an online casino loyalty program:

  1. Create an Account: Choose an iGaming site with a rewards-filled program, like MGM Rewards, from our list of the best US online casinos.
  2. Deposit and Play: Fund your account and start playing online to earn playing points.
  3. Accept the Invite: You’ll get an invite to join the program once your wagers hit a specific threshold.
  4. Advance Through Tiers: Play games to move through the various rewards tier.
  5. Collect Rewards: Claim offers that you receive as you progress.

I joined the MGM Rewards Program this way and enjoyed various benefits as I leveled up. Another great place if you’re a high-roller player like me, is Caesars Online Casino! If you like special offers and generous exclusive promotions, feel free to join and create a Caesars Rewards account.

Benefits of Joining a Casino Loyalty Program

Casino loyalty programs are advantageous to both casino players and online casinos. Let’s take a look at that!

For Players

Casino loyalty programs offer several perks. With casino loyalty cards, you earn credits for every game you play, including slots and table games like roulette, and live dealer casino games. Benefits include:

  • Free bonuses
  • Higher betting limits
  • Exclusive event invitations
  • Advantages for enhancing the gaming experience

Personally, I use my loyalty card to rack up credits on my favorite online casino games and recently scored free spins and an invitation to a high-roller event.

For Online Casinos

These programs boost customer loyalty and increase revenue by encouraging regular play and engagement with steady rewards and promotions. This setup ensures that players keep coming back, enhancing the casino’s profitability.

Fun Fact: Technological advancements have replaced physical membership cards with mobile applications and virtual membership cards, making it easier than ever for players to earn online and access their rewards.

VIP Programs vs. Regular Loyalty Programs

Many people confuse online VIP bonuses with loyalty programs’ bonuses that an online casino or a sportsbook integrates for new and existing players. But they’re different, as highlighted in the table below:

VIP ProgramsLoyalty Rewards Programs
Only available to high rollers called Very Important PlayersAvailable to all players at the online casino, irrespective of their wagering activities 
Offers high-value and exclusive rewardsGrants average and standard bonuses
Comes with fewer terms and conditions Hosts numerous T&Cs

As a VIP member, you can get access to special and additional rewards. Unlike a loyalty rewards program where everyone can sign up, you have to be invited to join the dedicated high roller club.

Maximizing Your Rewards with Casino Loyalty Programs

Here, we have laid out some actionable tips that’ll help you choose the right online casino loyalty programs, and maximize rewards that come your way.

Assess the System: We recommend leaning towards sites with a well-structured loyalty scheme. For this activity, go through a shortlist of iGaming sites with viable loyalty programs and check the terms and conditions attached to the initiative.

When checking these caveats, consider the levels available and how many points you need to level up.

Compare and Contrast: Casino A offers more experience points (XPs) than Casino B. Two offers for every $10 gambled. This structure means Casino A provides more value for your money. However, you note that Casino B might have rewards that are not available in Casino A.

As such, deciding what loyalty program suits your gaming needs is up to you.

Be Faithful to a Casino: As a regular and loyal player, sticking to one online casino is your best bet. Why? You can go through the levels with relative ease by playing regularly. On the other hand, playing at multiple iGaming sites simultaneously can affect your offered loyalty rewards. 

So, Will You Join a Casino Loyalty Program Tonight?

Online casino loyalty programs come with many benefits. Many iGaming sites integrate these schemes to attract and retain players, so compare and contrast their distinct offerings to make an informed decision. 

While the rewards tied to loyalty programs are impressive, remember to gamble responsibly! If you’ve enjoyed this detailed piece on loyalty programs, you’ll like our complete online casino bonuses page!