Mega Ball Casino by Evolution – Review 2024

Are you tired of the traditional gaming options and want an opportunity to explore new fun live casino games? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Evolution is a global provider known for constantly creating exciting games for live casino enthusiasts. Yet again, it has proved its prowess by creating a thrilling game, Mega Ball game, combining bingo and lottery-style gameplay. Thus, this review explores all the secrets of Mega Ball live casino game.

Understanding the intricacies of the game can increase your chances of winning and lead to unforgettable gaming experiences. Let’s play Mega Ball Live Casino! 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Master both aspects of Mega Ball Live: lottery and bingo gameplay, to maximize your earnings.
  • Try out our experts’ strategies to improve your bets and make the most of all Mega Ball multipliers.
  • Play Mega Ball casino game with all the required information in mind: players testimonials, tips, rules, bonuses…

What is Mega Ball Live Casino?

Introduced in April 2020, Mega Ball Live Casino is a thrilling game by Evolution Gaming, fusing lottery-style ball drawing with bingo excitement. Within the short time of its launch, it has become the player’s top choice for its unique blend of game mechanics, bonuses, and rewards.

With live presenters, players enjoy real-time interaction and a fast-paced game show, unlike pre-recorded games. Plus, its mobile accessibility ensures the fun never stops, allowing players to join in from anywhere at any time.

With Mega Ball, we wanted to create a game that has huge prizes, drama, and excitement. Bingo is a hugely popular game with lots of players and lotteries are loved the world over, so we decided to combine the two and also add a huge slot machine to create Mega Ball! I believe players will love this game!

Todd Haushalter, the Chief Product Officer at Evolution

How Mega Ball Live Works? 

The Evolution Mega Ball Live Casino consists of two game stages:

  1. The regular game
  2. The Mega Ball bonus round
  1. For the first stage, all players need to do is set the value of their cards and purchase their desired number, up to 400 per game round. These 400 cards feature numbers from 1 to 51, which match the 51 multicolored and numbered balls in a custom-built ball drawing machine.

The live dealer activates the machine, where 20 balls are drawn from the pool, and matching numbers are automatically marked off from the player’s cards, placing the card closest to winning at the top.

Mega Ball Goal: The goal is to form a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal line of 5 numbers. The more lines formed on a single card, the higher the winnings.

2. After the last ball is drawn, the game enters the Mega Ball bonus round, where multipliers ranging from 5x to 100x are randomly generated from a wheel spin.

Thereafter, up to 2 balls are drawn from the machine. If the Mega Ball completes a line, players’ winnings are multiplied accordingly.

The first great thing about being a dealer was that it was often a lot of fun.

Jeffrey Bishop, Mega Ball casino live dealer

Key Features of Mega Ball Live 

Are you curious about what makes Mega Ball Live stand out? This section lists some of its outstanding game features that contribute to players’ chances of winning.

  • Mega Ball Bonus: This comes after the regular game. It introduces multiplier balls with values determined by a wheel spin, and where the Mega Ball matches the numbers on the card, it can yield up to 100x winnings, swiftly transforming players into high rollers.
  • Interactive Session: During the Mega Ball Live stream, players can interact with the game host, giving them the thrill of being at the studio playing the game physically. There’s also a community chat room that allows players to share their experiences and learn from one another.
  • Autoplay: The live casino Mega Ball introduces the autoplay feature for seamless gaming by allowing players to preset or repeat the same bet without manual control.
  • Flexible Betting Options: Mega Ball caters to various player preferences. Thus, it offers flexible betting options ranging from 0.10 to 10 credits to suit different budgets and strategies.

The core of Mega Ball’s design lies in creating a seamless and engaging player experience that is both challenging and fair. The mathematical model is integral to this balance, governing the odds, payouts, and the statistical distribution of results to ensure game integrity and fairness.

Mega Ball Live Drawing: Join the Excitement

The Mega Ball Live drawing experience is out of this world! As the live drawing begins, players worldwide gather virtually to participate in this thrilling experience. The live dealer casino game‘s interactive nature allows players and participants to engage with each other, fostering a sense of community and shared enthusiasm.

Similarly, the anticipation of the live Mega Ball draw adds to the overall excitement. The game’s multipliers and bonus rounds further intensify the suspense as players hope for the chance to increase their winnings. 

The combination of chance, strategy, and the potential for big payouts creates a thrilling experience that keeps participants engaged and on the edge of their seats throughout the draw.

Mega Ball Live Jackpot and Payouts  

The Mega Ball payout structure is straightforward, offering a thrilling opportunity for huge winnings, notably showcased by winnings such as Cody Burnett’s jackpot of $291,300.

While the Mega Ball bonus round holds significant potential, payouts also depend on completed lines and multipliers. Each completed line earns a payout according to the game’s paytable.

However, despite varying multiplier sizes, Evolution caps the maximum payout at $500,000, ensuring fairness and transparency. An added advantage is that payouts are automatically credited to the player’s account at the end of each round, offering seamless and transparent reward distribution.

For a deeper understanding of how this works, below is the Mega Ball jackpot structure:

Number of completed linesPayoutMaximum payout with Multipliers
1Original stakeUp to 100x stake
24x stakeUp to 500x stake
349x stake Up to 5,000x stake
4249x stakeUp to 25,000x stake
5999x stakeUp to 100,000x stake
6+9,999x stake Up to $500,000 

Strategies to Play Mega Ball Game

Mega Ball relies heavily on luck, with the player’s stake and number of cards purchased being the only controllable factors. However, players’ betting style dictates whether to bet big on fewer cards or small on multiple ones. 

Regardless, in this section, you will find at least one Mega Ball strategy that you can use to increase your chances of winning: 

  • Practice: Familiar with the phrase “practice makes perfect?” Well, that applies in Mega Ball Live. Usually, you can use demo modes on online casinos to practice strategies risk-free before wagering real money. But Mega Ball being a live game, you can’t find a free demo play. Instead, you can play for free with offered casino bonuses.
  • Understand The Game: Familiarize yourself with Mega Ball’s rules and betting options. You can also expand your knowledge of the game by watching gameplay videos on platforms like Twitch or YouTube for insights.
  • Utilize Bonuses: Many online casinos offer bonuses for Mega Ball players. Hence, you can capitalize on these promotions to boost your winning potential.
  • Set A Budget: This is an important tip for every bettor. Therefore, to avoid overspending and eventually losing all one’s capital, it is recommended that you set a fixed budget and stick to it, regardless of wins or losses.
  • Join A Community: Engage with other players in forums or online groups to share experiences and strategies, gaining valuable insights.
  • Play More Cards: Increase your chances by playing multiple cards per round. With more cards to play, you have more potential winning lines, enhancing excitement and opportunities for success.

Here’s an important approach professional gambler Neil Macdonald recommends: 

Control your emotions: If you don’t have the mentality to handle losing and winning streaks, you won’t get very far.

Evolution and Mega Ball Live 

Evolution is a game provider known for always raising the bar. Thus, adding the Evolution live Mega Ball to their live casino offerings showcases their commitment to providing diverse and engaging experiences for players. 

Mega Ball Live stands out as a testament to Evolution’s presence, solidifying their position as leaders in the gaming industry. In reviewing the development of Mega Ball Live, the Chief Commercial Officer of North America at Evolution, Jeff Millar, stated that:

Our partnership with BCLC had continued to grow successfully, and the addition of Mega Ball to its vast portfolio is another milestone in our road of cooperation.

Player Reviews: Mega Ball Live Experience 

Here are some reviews from players who have experienced Mega Ball firsthand and, for some, taken advantage of the Mega Ball winning numbers.

Playing Mega Ball was a joy, especially with a series of small yet consistent wins that kept the excitement alive throughout the session. The lively atmosphere of the game combined with the thrill of strategizing made for an enjoyable and profitable experience.

Rory, 22

During my first session of Mega Ball, I noticed that it brings a vibrant yet somewhat standard gaming experience. It’s quite fast-paced, which means you need to be on your toes while playing. I’m keen to see if further plays will bring more depth to the initial impression.

Leon, 26

Mega Ball is a unique kind of entertainment. It offers a thrilling yet straightforward gaming experience; it’s my go-to for engaging in brief sessions with moderate stakes to give a nice boost to my funds. I’ve noticed a notable success rate when I apply the Fibonacci betting strategy during my play sessions.

Frederick, 43

I spent an afternoon with Mega Ball recently and found it to be quite engaging. The game is simple to get into, with a comfortable pace that doesn’t rush you unnecessarily. The small victories I had were modest but added a positive note to the experience.

It’s a game that doesn’t demand too much but offers a good amount of enjoyment, especially if you’re in the mood for a light-hearted gaming session.

Finn, 35

Hitting the high multipliers provides a huge rush, but I’ve learned not to chase losses trying to recreate that thrill when variance cools off.

Ollie, 39

Comparison of Live Game Shows by Evolution

Evolution’s live game shows represent a unique fusion of entertainment and gambling. With a wide variety of games, innovative features, and high accessibility, they offer an unparalleled gaming experience.

How does Mega Ball measures up to these live game shows? Let’s take a look at each title’s return to player, payouts, and betting times.

Crazy Time

  • RTP: 96.08%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to 20,000x your bet
  • Ease of Use: Easy to play, suitable for players of all levels.
  • Interactivity: Engaging and fun interaction
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Aesthetically pleasing with great graphics

Funky Time

  • RTP: Varies between segments from 95.38% to 95.99%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use with the option of Autoplay
  • Interactivity: Fun and interactive game show
  • Betting Time: 20 seconds
  • Visual Experience: 1970’s Disco theme, bright lights and colorful

Extra Chilli Epic Spins™

  • RTP: 96.74%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to 20,000 x your bet
  • Ease of Use: Simple gameplay for all levels
  • Interactivity: Live host and other players create great interactions.
  • Betting Time: 20 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Great graphics for the vegetable market theme

Monopoly Live

  • RTP: 91.30% — 96.23% (depending on your bet)
  • Maximum Payout: Up to 10,000 x your bet
  • Ease of Use: Simple and fun gameplay to follow
  • Interactivity: Chance to interact with the live host and other players
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Excellent graphics and animations to match the Monopoly board game.

Monopoly Big Baller

  • RTP: 96.10%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: simple Bingo style game with exciting bonus rounds
  • Interactivity: Interaction with the live host and Mr. Monopoly
  • Betting Time: 12 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Bingo cards and game with good graphics and great 3D Monopoly board.

Mega Ball

  • RTP: 95.40%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: The more cards you play with, the more complicated it gets.
  • Interactivity: Bouncy and enthusiastic host
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Neat layout with 5 sections

Dream Catcher

  • RTP: 96.58%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use
  • Interactivity: live and enthusiastic host
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Bright and Colorful with good graphics

Imperial Quest

  • RTP: 96.58%
  • Maximum Payout: 40x your bet (without multipliers)
  • Ease of Use: Simple, but enjoyable
  • Interactivity: Interact with East-Asian hosts
  • Betting Time: 20 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Chinese visuals and studio setting

Deal or No Deal Live

  • RTP: 95.42%
  • Maximum Payout: 500x
  • Ease of Use: Can get complicated with the different stages involved.
  • Interactivity: Exciting interaction with the live host
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Immersive experience where you feel like you are playing the real game

Lightning Dice

  • RTP: 96.21%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to 1,000x your bet
  • Ease of Use: Easy to play with simple rules to follow
  • Interactivity: Live host interaction
  • Betting Time: 12 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Monochrome effect in the studio

Football studio

  • RTP: 96.27%
  • Maximum Payout: 11x your bet
  • Ease of Use: Very simple game to follow
  • Interactivity: Great interaction and opportunity to talk about football.
  • Betting Time: 12 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Football themed game with great graphics

Football Studio Dice

  • RTP: 97.75%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to 79x bet
  • Ease of Use: Simple game to follow
  • Interactivity: Interact with the host and other players
  • Betting Time: 12 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Football themed studio

Crazy Coin Flip

  • RTP: 96.05%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: Not as simple as it seems, can get complicated with the different stages.
  • Interactivity: Live host interaction
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Mainly blue and red colored background with good visuals.

Cash or Crash

  • RTP: 99.59%
  • Maximum Payout: up to 18,000x or boosted to 50,000x with golden ball.
  • Ease of Use: Easy to play with simple rules to follow
  • Interactivity: Interact with live host
  • Betting Time: 20 seconds
  • Visual Experience: A city backdrop with good graphics

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

  • RTP: 96.56%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to 20,000 x your bet
  • Ease of Use: Complicated at first.
  • Interactivity: Interact with the live host
  • Betting Time: 15 seconds
  • Visual Experience: Ancient Egyptian theme with good computer graphics.

So, Will You Play Mega Ball Live Tonight?

Now that you’ve been introduced to Mega Ball Live, its gameplay mechanics, jackpot structure, and tips for maximizing your chances of winning, you shouldn’t stop here. Apply this newfound knowledge to enhance your chances of huge potential wins!

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