Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution – Review 2024

Is the Crazy Coin Flip live game by Evolution worth the hype? The world-renowned software provider expanded its live casino game offering in the US market in December 2023 with the Crazy Coin Flip. The game, which has received many excellent reviews since its release, makes one wonder what all the excitement is about. 

Fortunately, this article clarifies that by diving into what makes the game tick, how to play, user reviews, and whether strategies can improve your winning chances.

You might be surprised that Crazy Coin Flip packs quite a punch with mouth-watering features. Ready to see what people have been raving about? Read this comprehensive Crazy Coin Flip review to find out. 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • In-depth analysis of how the game works.
  • Real-life commentary of players and critiques views.
  • Statistics on how the game plays out in practice.

What Is Crazy Coin Flip?

Imagine playing a real-time casino game show that combines the allure of RNG slots with the ingenuity of live casino games. Here, you’re not only gunning for the best symbol combinations; you’re also looking to rack up multipliers for the grand coin flip ending. Crazy right? Well, that’s Evolution‘s interpretation of a revolutionary casino game that is distinct from traditional casino games. 

Crazy Coin Flip is a one-of-a-kind game concept that provides the best of two worlds – RNG slots fused with a thrilling live game show experience.

Your objective is to gather as many multipliers on the red and blue sides of the coin as possible, which you’ll flip for a reward at the end. This divides the game into three phases; two phases of racking up multipliers, and one phase of flipping the coin. 

The first two phases are slot games, while the last phase is live action. Don’t let the busy starting interface fool you; once you get the hang of it, playing the game is a breeze.

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip

Once you open the live dealer casino game, you are faced with a 5×3 grid slot interface.

You have to place your bet and spin the reel to land 3 coin flip scatter symbols. This is the requirement that lets you advance to the next round. Each scatter has varying multipliers attached, ranging from 2x to 10x.

Pending the time you qualify for the next phase, regular slot symbols also create winning combinations like in a normal slot to give you small wins.

However, you can speed up your qualification process with the 1 scatter per spin and 2 scatter per spin XXXTreme Spins Bonus modes. Simply buy them with varying bet amounts to move to the next level faster. 

The next round opens with a top-up bonus round in a 3×3 classic reel setup. You have to spin the reel within a timeframe to rack up as many multipliers as possible before the next coin flip.

Place varying bet amounts and line up single-color red or blue combinations to get your multiplier. The higher your bet amount, the larger the multipliers. Placing bets in this round is totally optional and depends on your gameplay preference.

Bamberfiishcake, a meister member, had this to say about this game:

It’s new, it’s different, it’s quite pacey, and qualification is not an unusual occurrence. And for those reasons, it gets 7 out of 10 One-inch punches…

The live-action section of the game is the final stage, with a human host as its anchor. He handles the coin-flip machine while interacting with players and reacting to comments on the live chat.

Before the coin flip, one last multiplier draw is generated for the red and blue coins, ranging from 5x to 100x, which automatically adds to your existing multiplier counts.

The host brings the game to a conclusion by pulling a lever for the machine to flip the coin and reveal a red or blue coin facing up. Whatever the result is – the player will be paid according to the multiplier on the winning coin side.

With this, the game comes to an end and starts all over again. You should check out this game at reputable online casinos. Keep in mind that playing responsibly is the way to go.

Despite the complex three-stage design, Crazy Coin Flip smartly avoids overcomplicating matters with too many superfluous additions.

Instead, it focuses on refinement, providing expected table options like Live Chat alongside intuitive Qualification Mode shortcuts for faster progression.

Oliver Grant, expert reviewer

Crafting Your Crazy Coin Flip Strategy

This game is designed to offer a ton of multiplier-increasing chances, which, if well played, can land you big wins. However, you need to learn some Crazy Coin Flip strategy plays to pull it through. Here are a few you would find handy.

  1. Stick to your betting sizing plan. You can only make a profit if you stay consistent with your bet amount. If you intend to place $5 bets, stick to it. Increasing it when you feel you’ve lost too much is a bad play.
  2. Go for a conservative strategy. Start with small bets on the first slot, and go big on the second slot. The bigger your bets in the top-up slot, the larger your bet multipliers.
  3. Start with big bets and go lower. Crazy Coin Flip requires you to pace yourself. You can start the first slot with big bets and go lower with the second slot. This helps you manage your risk, knowing you still have the multiplier generator at the end for more profits.
  4. High rollers can shoot for the stars. This strategy requires you to place big bets every step of the way for big rewards. Ensure you use the 2 scatter XXXTreme spins bonus to qualify for the next round quickly.

A casino game review analyst had this to say about how best to play:

If you want to maximize your long-term chances of making a profit, the best strategy in Crazy Coin Flip is to not use the top-up feature at all. This has a lower RTP than all other spins in the game, which means that it will cost you more money to use than if you didn’t.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Experience

Although the major attraction of the game is the live coin flip, you would need to play through two RNG slots before you could enjoy that part of the game.

Nonetheless, the build-up to that point makes the whole gaming experience much more appealing. Crazy Coin Flip opens up to a bright red theme overview, with the slots to the right and hanging coin-shaped crystals to the left of the interface.

All the while, the live-action keeps playing in the background and is blurred out. One interactive feature of the game is the chat interface, which is fixed to the top left of the game. Players can easily input their opinions and grievances during gameplay. 

The live-action stage brings a whole new feel to the game. Its build-up to the coin flip is filled with so much suspense that it recreates the feeling of you checking if you got admitted to your favorite school.

While you always win something at the end, making a profit depends on your initial bet, the total amount spent in the round, and how many multipliers you were able to build up.

An enthusiastic player commented on the live-action:

I had shivers waiting for the coin to flip. It was like the action was right in front of me, only that I wasn’t there. Still, winning the right color got me sold on the game.

Crazy Coin Flip Stats and Performance

We found some interesting information on Casino Scores that sheds light on Crazy Coin Flip stats over time. It was recorded in pounds (£). In theory, all bets in the game have an RTP between 95.06 and 96.05%.

We then analyzed its performance over 6 hours. There have been 372 spins so far. 220+ players were paid out less than $1,000; 80+ players had between $1,000 and  $2000. There were over 35+ winners of 3,000, while the rest had amounts above $5,000 in wins. 

Looking at this, it shows that over 58.6% of players had below $1,000. 48.4% had between $1,000 and $2,000. There were also over 21%. The remaining payout percentage was shared among players. Within that time frame, we also say a multiplier amount as high as 6,250x. 

While winning is always guaranteed when you eventually reach the coin flip, how much you win depends on your initial bet amount and the overall multiplier accumulation on the red and blue coin.

Reading Crazy Coin Flip Reviews

Even though we analyzed the game, we still checked comments from other players and critics to see if we missed anything. Here are the ones we found intriguing.

Bsbza, a YouTube critique, had this to say:

I really like Crazy Coin Flip as a game, but this qualification aspect, I don’t like it.

However, Milena Petrovska of Smart Casino said this about the game:

We like the three exciting phases, the bonuses, and the opportunity to chat with fellow players. There’s also a big max win of 2,000x the bet and a few other things that make the Crazy Coin Flip live casino game exceptional.

Elle Gellrich adds:

Crazy Coin Flip offers an electrifying and unforgettable gambling experience that blends chance, strategy, and adrenaline-fueled excitement.

In describing the game in detail, Jamie F. of GMBLRS had this to say:

Though similar in design, each phase of Crazy Coin Flip has a different feeling, and each one builds excitement. Phase one is a straightforward qualification search for three scatters. Phase two is a devilishly tempting race against time, designed to encourage extra bets for multipliers to wear proudly into phase three, the Coin Flip Bonus, for a strong finish to cap your hard work.

One expert enthusiast was blown away and had to say this:

If we could sum this live game up in one word, it would be, “Wow!” It’s on another level, with lots of opportunities to win big and four fun and thrilling bonus features.

Comparison of Live Game Shows by Evolution

Evolution Gaming has always been a master of churning out live game shows, with numerous releases before and after launching Crazy Coin Flip. How does the game compare to others? Let’s find out.

Crazy Coin Flip

  • RTP: 96.05%
  • Maximum Payout: 2,000x
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Live chat, friendly anchor
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Visually entertaining

Crazy Time

  • RTP:   96.08
  • Maximum Payout: 100,000x (up to $500,000)
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly
  • Interactivity: Live chat
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Visually pleasing

Funky Time

  • RTP: 95.99%
  • Maximum Payout: 10,000x (up to $500,000)
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use
  • Interactivity: Live chat
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  •  Visual Experience: Funky graphics 

Extra Chilli Epic Spins™

  • RTP: 96.74%
  • Maximum Payout: 20,000x
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly
  • Interactivity: Friendly live host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Captivating and engaging

Monopoly Live

  • RTP: 96.23%
  • Maximum Payout: 10,000x (up to £500,000)
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Live chat, friendly live host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Visually stunning

Monopoly Big Baller

  • RTP: 96.10%
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Friendly live host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Classic theme set up

Mega Ball

  • RTP:95.40% 
  • Maximum Payout: 1,000,000x (up to $500,000)
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Friendly live host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Visually average

Dream Catcher

  • RTP:96.58
  • Maximum Payout: Up to $500,000
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: 24/7
  • Betting Time: Friendly live host
  • Visual Experience: Visually stunning

Imperial Quest

  • RTP: 95.65%
  • Maximum Payout: 20,000x
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Live chat, friendly host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Visually pleasing 

Deal or No Deal Live

  • RTP: 95.42%
  • Maximum Payout: 500x ($500,000)
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Engaging live host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Visually pleasing

Lightning Dice

  • RTP: 96.21%
  • Maximum Payout: 1,000x
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Professional host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Excellent quality 

Football studio

  • RTP: 96.27%
  • Maximum Payout: 11:1
  • Ease of Use: Simple to understand 
  • Interactivity: Engaging host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Futuristic theme experience 

Football Studio Dice

  • RTP: 97.75
  • Maximum Payout: 80x
  • Ease of Use: Easy to understand 
  • Interactivity: Live chat, entertaining host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Futuristic pleasing theme

Cash or Crash

  • RTP: 99.59%
  • Maximum Payout: 50,000x
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: Live chat, entertaining host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Adventurous visuals

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

  • RTP: 96.56%
  • Maximum Payout: 20,000x
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly 
  • Interactivity: live chat, interactive host
  • Betting Time: 24/7
  • Visual Experience: Adventurous visuals

So, Will You Play Crazy Coin Flip Tonight?

Crazy Coin Flip has shown us what it’s capable of in terms of entertaining players while serving a mix of chance and strategy together. This game will captivate you with its unique blend of live action, real-time interaction, and the timeless excitement of being at a land-based casino.

 So what’s it going to be—exploring the all-mighty Crazy Coin Flip Evolution game show or sticking to known territories like the best live roulette games online? Visit one of the best online casinos in USA today to play Crazy Coin Flip live and begin your gambling adventure.