Baccarat Tables Ins & Outs

Have you ever wondered what makes a baccarat table? How about where to buy a baccarat table? If you did decide to buy a baccarat table, would you know where to start?

This guide will decrypt the layout, dimensions, limits, and accessories of a baccarat table. By the end, you’ll be set to go out and make your purchase! You’ll be well-equipped to choose the right table and accessories for your needs. 

Let’s start by exploring the detailed layout of a standard baccarat table and what each section is used for.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Understand the baccarat table layout and components.
  • Learn about the dimensions and variations of baccarat tables.
  • Discover essential baccarat table accessories.
  • Get tips on buying and setting up a baccarat table.

Understanding the Baccarat Table Layout

A standard baccarat table is oval-shaped and can seat up to 14 players, with two dealers and one caller, for a total of 17 people involved. 

As for the baccarat table layout, each player’s seat is numbered. And the table features specific areas for the three main bets: the Player, Banker, or Tie. 

  • In the player’s area: At the center of the table, there’s a large, designated area where the dealer places the cards. Surrounding this central area are the smaller betting sections, each labeled accordingly for Player, Banker, and Tie bets. The layout also includes spaces for tracking commissions, especially for Banker bets.
  • The dealer’s section: It is equipped with a dealing shoe, discard tray and chip racks. This organized layout ensures that the game runs efficiently and helps players easily place their bets.

Whether you’re playing online baccarat, live baccarat, or baccarat in person, the table remains the same.

Baccarat Table Dimensions

Like buying any other piece of furniture, baccarat table dimensions vary depending on the type of table.

A full-size baccarat table typically measures about 14 feet long and 6 feet wide, designed to accommodate up to 14 players and 3 dealers as we’ve mentioned.

Fact: Official casino equipment suppliers, such as American Gaming Supply and BBO Poker Tables, adhere to these industry standards.

In contrast, a mini baccarat table is more compact, usually around 5 feet long and 3 feet wide, catering to up to 7 players with one dealer.

Whether in a grand casino setting or a smaller, private venue or your home, there are choices as to styles, sizes, and manufacturers!

Baccarat Table Limits

Understanding baccarat table limits is essential for both new and experienced players to max out their gameplay compared to their bankroll, large or small. These limits vary widely, catering to different budgets and playing styles. 

Here are some typical limits you might encounter:

  • Minimum Bets: Start at $5 or $10, making baccarat accessible to casual players and beginners.
  • Maximum Bets: From $1,000 to $10,000 or more, particularly in high-stakes rooms.
  • Different Limits: Baccarat rooms may have varying limits, and each type of bet (Player, Banker, Tie) can have its minimum and maximum amounts.

Setting appropriate limits ensures that the game remains engaging and financially viable for both the casino and the players.

John Delgado, a seasoned casino operator

Table Accessories for Baccarat

A well-equipped baccarat table includes several essential accessories that keep gameplay running and an authentic casino experience up.

Key table accessories for baccarat include:

  • Cards: High-quality playing cards are crucial. Casinos often use multiple decks, which are frequently replaced to maintain fairness.
  • Chips: Standard casino chips of various denominations are used for betting. These chips are designed for easy handling and security.
  • Dealing Shoes: This device holds multiple decks of cards, allowing dealers to efficiently manage the game and prevent card manipulation.
  • Discard Trays: Used to hold used cards, keeping the playing area organized.
  • Card Shufflers: Automatic shufflers ensure the integrity and randomness of the game.

Using top-notch table accessories, baccarat players would expect a real casino boosts to the gaming experience and fair play.

Lisa Brown, a professional baccarat dealer

Buying a Baccarat Table in the US

If you’re interested in purchasing a baccarat table in the US, consider several key factors:

  • Sturdy Construction: Ensure the table is well-built and stable, capable of withstanding frequent use.
  • High-Quality Materials: Look for tables made with premium materials like solid wood and high-grade felt for durability and a professional appearance.
  • Authentic Casino Feel: Choose a table that replicates the look and feel of those used in professional casinos, including the appropriate layout and accessories.

If you aren’t able to purchase a full baccarat table, there are baccarat table mats made of felt, great for most tabletops and made of the same durable fabric usually upholstered to a baccarat table.

Sylvia John, a casino party planner

Baccarat Table for Sale

Finding the perfect baccarat table involves knowing where to look. Of course, some of the best places to find a baccarat table for sale include online retailers that offer a wide range of options with customer reviews to guide your purchase if you’re looking for speed and simplicity.

→ Online Retailers: Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock

Specialty casino supply stores provide high-quality tables and accessories trusted by professional casinos if you’re looking to be more true-to-life.

→ Online Specialty Casino Supply Stores: American Gaming Supply, Casino Supply, CasinoKart

Offline, local game stores and furniture stores can also be excellent sources for baccarat tables, allowing you to inspect the quality firsthand – find your latest billard/pool table dealer, and they’ll likely be able to direct you.

→ Find the closest physical local game store to you, in your state, by looking on Google Maps.

Setting Up a Baccarat Table at Home

Setting up a baccarat table at home can create an authentic casino experience, enhance a space, or just give you a setting to better play online casino games!

Here are some steps to guide you through the setup process:

  1. Choose the Right Space: Plan your spacing to have enough room for the table and comfortable seating for players. A dedicated game room or spacious basement is ideal.
  2. Gather Necessary Accessories:
    • Invest in high-quality cards, chips, and a dealing shoe.
    • Consider a discard tray and card shuffler for added convenience.
  3. Set Up the Table:
    • Place the table in the chosen space, using a spirit level to make sure it is stable and level.
    • Arrange the seating around the table for optimal comfort and accessibility.
  4. Ensure Proper Lighting: Install good lighting to maintain a casino-like atmosphere and visibility.
  5. Add Personal Touches: Decorate the area with casino-themed decor to enhance the experience.

Enthusiast Paul Lamford in his book The Amazing Book of Casino Games, who set up his home gaming table, advises:

A well-lit, spacious area makes all the difference. Using quality accessories is the difference between wasting time and playing for real.

Paul Lamford, author and baccarat enthusiast

Maintenance and Care for Your Baccarat Table

Proper maintenance and routine care are crucial for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your baccarat table.

Here are some essential guidelines:

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe the table surface with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and debris. Use mild soap if necessary. 
  • Inspect Accessories: Regularly check cards, chips, and dealing shoes for wear and replace them as needed.
  • Protect the Surface: Use a table cover when not in use to protect against spills and damage.

Referencing maintenance guides from manufacturers like TCSJOHNHUXLEY, recommend:

Periodic professional cleaning can extend the life of your table and accessories by eliminating dust, grime, and skin oils from playing surfaces.


So, Will You Play on Your Baccarat Table Tonight?

Baccarat tables – they’re all about layout, dimensions, and proper maintenance. You can now confidently enhance your gaming setup for an authentic and enjoyable baccarat experience at home. 

Care for further baccarat tips? Our dedicated page is full of great insights and expert advice guaranteed to make your gaming experience outstanding.