Timothy’s Casino ID

  • Name: Timothy
  • Title: Casino Specialist at TrustnPlay.com
  • Specialty: Writing fun content for gamblers… And playing slot machines!
  • Favorite Game: Slingo Berserk
  • Lucky Number: 11
  • Top Strategy: Betting for jackpots
  • Favorite Casino City: Atlantic City
  • Preferred Online Casino: Stardust
  • Best Win: A late-night $5k jackpot in keno
  • Secret Talent: Knowing when to switch slot games to boost wins.
  • Gambling Philosophy: Play when you’re hot, lay low when you’re down.
  • Coffee or Tea: Black coffee 24/7
  • Quote: It might be your lucky day, maybe not. Have fun either way!

About Timothy

As a writer for TrustnPlay.com, Timothy spends hours each week testing games, casinos, interviewing experts, prowling forums, and reading strategy books for the latest tips to pass on to players. He is an investigative journalist writing directly from the essence of Las Vegas.

Outside writing for TrustnPlay, you can find Timothy in his workshop building large-scale model steam engines.

Timothy’s Top Tips for Casino Players

  1. Find Codes and Use Them: Never be afraid to use promotions to boost your bankroll.
  2. Try Different Games: Try all kinds of games to know your true favorites!
  3. Play Different Casinos: Try new casinos for new experiences and different games!
  4. Find Your Playstyle: Test your skills! Knowing your favorite strategies will always make you a better gambler.
  5. Don’t Discount Playing Online: Playing online is a great way to try out unique games. Variety is the spice of life!

Why Trust Timothy?

Timothy is a 10+ year copywriter and creative writer responsible for multiple books, short films, and stage plays.

That’s why you can always expect his content to both make you laugh and teach you how to be a better, financially savvier gambler.