Blacklisted Online Casinos: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Have you ever had concerns about your security while considering playing at an online casino? Just so you know, it’s a valid concern. With the rise of online gambling, there are so many online platforms that claim to provide online gaming services when, in fact, they’re merely scam or rogue casino sites.

To protect you from these scam sites, this article aims to warn you against blacklisted online casinos in 2024, helping you identify them, understand why they are blacklisted, and what steps to take if you’ve used one. 

Understanding this topic is vital for protecting your money and personal information from unauthorized access. Ready to unwrap what we have in store for you? Let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Find out common reasons online casinos get blacklisted.
  • Find out if there are fake online casinos and how to avoid them.
  • Discover how to identify scam casino sites.
  • Find out steps to take if you’ve used a blacklisted online casino.

What Is a Blacklisted Online Casino?

A blacklisted online casino refers to:

An online gambling site that has been flagged for unethical behavior or inadequate standards by regulatory authorities, industry watchdogs, or even online casino players themselves.

These casinos often engage in unethical and untrustworthy practices such as withholding players’ winnings, providing rigged games, offering false casino bonuses, or allowing unauthorized access to player’s personal and financial information.

Aside from these, an online casino can be regarded as blacklisted if they are operating without a valid license. Being blacklisted serves as a warning to potential players to avoid these sites due to their dubious practices and possible risks. 

Why Online Casinos Get Blacklisted: Our Criteria

Online casinos are blacklisted for several reasons. Hence, at TrustnPlay, we meticulously assess casinos against our stringent criteria of what an ideal online casino should be before adding them to our blacklist.

→ This section is designed to help players identify fraudulent practices that suggest that an online casino is unsafe.

Licensing Issues 

A license for an online casino is a legal authorization granted by a regulatory authority vested with the power to perform oversight functions within such jurisdiction. This license ensures compliance with specific standards for:

  • Fair play
  • Player protection
  • Financial transparency

In the United States, where online gambling regulations vary by state, a valid license signifies adherence to local laws. It assures players of the legitimacy of the casino’s operations.

However, some online casinos operate under licenses from offshore jurisdictions, that is, outside of US regulatory oversight. While these licenses may be valid in their respective countries, they often lack the stringent regulations upheld in the US.

This may pose risks such as unfair gaming practices or inadequate player recourse in case of disputes. Therefore, despite possessing an operational license, as long as the casino is not licensed in the US, bettors should avoid such betting sites for their safety.

Failure to Pay Out Winnings

Payouts are fundamental to building trust between players and online casinos. Imagine putting in efforts to hit a massive game win only to be denied a payout. Such an experience crushes the excitement of the win and can betray the player’s trust. Casinos fail to pay players risk losing credibility and are rightfully blacklisted.

Unfair Gaming Practices 

Unfair gaming practices, such as rigged games or manipulated outcomes, are significant factors leading to an online casino’s blacklisting. These practices deceive players into losing unfairly, breaking their trust and violating industry standards.

Blacklisted casinos may even use pirated software, which lacks regulation and can further manipulate outcomes to the casino’s advantage.

In contrast, reputable casinos prioritize fairness. One of the many ways they do this is by partnering with trustworthy software developers. Another way is by subjecting their games to independent testing agencies like eCOGRA.

These measures ensure that games operate according to established rules and deliver random, unbiased results. eCOGRA-certified online casinos provide transparency through publicly available audit reports, reinforcing their commitment to fair play and player satisfaction.

In essence, you should stay away from any online casino where you can’t verify the trustworthiness of its online casino game providers or with no available certifications from reputable testing agencies.

Poor Customer Service and Support 

Responsive customer service is vital, especially for new players trying to get the hang of online gaming. It provides essential guidance and resolves issues promptly, ensuring a positive introduction to the platform.

Therefore, poor customer support regarding delayed responses or unhelpful interaction can prompt players to abandon the platform. This dissatisfaction then contributes to the casino’s blacklisting as player complaints accumulate. This simply highlights the casino’s inability to meet basic service expectations.

→ One of my encounters with poor customer service involved a delayed response, which left me feeling neglected and undervalued as a customer. Since then, I haven’t returned to the platform.

Deceiving Bonus Terms & Conditions

Misleading bonus terms and conditions are a common reason for blacklisting online casinos. These deceptive practices trick players into thinking they are getting a great deal, only to find the requirements to enjoy the bonus are nearly impossible to meet.

For instance, a gaming platform can advertise a generous welcome bonus but hide excessively high wagering requirements. Additionally, some bonuses might have hidden restrictions, like limiting game choices or setting maximum bet limits, making it nearly impossible to benefit from the bonus.

These deceptive practices frustrate players and tarnish the casino’s reputation, leading to negative reviews and eventual blacklisting.

List of Blacklisted Online Casinos to Avoid

As we’ve earlier discussed, online casinos that fall short of the standard expected of them will be blacklisted.

Here’s our list of blacklisted online casinos — Make sure to take notes and avoid these sites:

Paradise 8 Casino

Paradise 8 Casino offers a wide range of gaming options, including table games, video games, slots, and live dealer games. Its extensive library initially attracted a substantial number of players. However, things have changed.

The casino has been blacklisted due to serious issues. These include:

  • Previously operating without a valid license
  • Excessively long payout times
  • Unresponsive customer support

Players have reported significant difficulties in withdrawing their winnings and getting assistance, leading to its tarnished reputation in the online gambling community.

Manhattan Slots Casino

Despite its many years in the industry, Manhattan Slots Casino has been blacklisted due to persistent payment-related issues.

Players have frequently reported delayed or non-existent payouts, which undermines trust in the casino. Despite offering various games and a seemingly long history, the ongoing financial disputes and inadequate resolution of payment problems have led to its negative review among online gamblers.

Liberty Slots

Liberty Slots Casino is another casino on our list of online casinos to avoid. This brand is part of the Slots Vendor Affiliate program, which has been blacklisted for unethical business practices. These practices include:

  • Poor communication and cooperation with affiliates
  • Delayed or declined payments
  • Unprofessional conduct

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino, owned by The Club World Casino Group and licensed by Curacao, has faced criticism for neglecting user concerns. Despite regulations, it disregarded client needs and was blacklisted due to payment-related issues.

Such actions highlight the importance of casinos prioritizing user welfare and adhering to ethical business practices.

Red Stag Casino

This Casino is part of the Deckmedia group, known for over a decade of experience in the gambling industry. It faced blacklisting for two main reasons:

  • Its unresponsive customer service
  • It operates without a license

The players’ multiple negative feedback fueled this blacklisting, and even its attractive table game options couldn’t salvage its reputation. 

All Star Slots casino 

This Curacao-licensed casino, known as one of the few online casinos accommodating US players and praised for mobile accessibility, was blacklisted following numerous player complaints.

It has been blacklisted following player grievances over delays in withdrawing their money. The casino was also blacklisted due to allegations of rigged games and unethical affiliate dealings.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino 

Aladdin’s Gold is an online casino owned by The Club World Casino Group. The casino operates under the oversight of the Curaçao government and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. And yet, over the years, players have expressed strong dissatisfaction with its services surrounding:

  • Payment problems
  • Tricked games
  • Unethical practices with affiliates
  • Unprofessional customer support

This accumulated negative feedback has led to the casino’s blacklisting.

What to Do If You’ve Used a Blacklisted Casino

If you or someone you know has deposited money or played at a blacklisted casino, there is no need to panic. Instead, immediate action is crucial.

Here’s what to do in case of playing at a blacklisted casino:

  • Stop Playing Immediately: Cease all activity on the casino site to prevent further potential losses or exposure to risks.
  • Withdraw Your Funds: Attempt to withdraw any remaining funds from your account. Be aware that blacklisted casinos may delay or refuse withdrawals but initiate the process as soon as possible.
  • Contact Customer Support: Reach out to the casino’s customer service to request your withdrawal. Be persistent, and as hard as it can be in such a situation, be polite.
  • Document Everything: Keep detailed records of all transactions, communications, and any issues encountered. Screenshots, emails, and chat logs can be used as evidence if you need to dispute transactions.
  • Seek Financial Recourse: If the casino refuses to release your funds, contact your bank or payment provider. Explain the situation and inquire about options for chargebacks or dispute resolutions.
  • Report the Casino: File a complaint with relevant gambling authorities or regulatory bodies that can offer guidance and take action against the scam site.
  • Warn Other Players: Share your experience on online forums, review sites, and social media to alert other players about the blacklisted casino. Your feedback can help others avoid similar issues.
  • Use Trusted Resources: For future gambling, consult trusted casino review sites and watchdog organizations to verify the legitimacy and reputation of any platform before depositing money.

Recommended Safe Online Casinos

One thing you shouldn’t compromise for any reason is your safety. Don’t be swayed by flashy offers alone; ensuring the casino is reputable is key to a secure and enjoyable experience. That said, here are some of the things to look for in an online casino to know if it’s safe.

Firstly, a valid license from a respected regulatory authority, particularly within your jurisdiction, is essential. This license ensures the casino adheres to strict standards for fairness and security. Note that safe online casinos will provide transparent details about their activities, including bonus terms and conditions, and restrictions, if any.

Furthermore, trustworthy casinos use reputable software developers like Microgaming or NetEnt and have their games regularly tested by independent agencies like eCOGRA. This guarantees fair play and random outcomes, maintaining the integrity of the gaming experience. 

Another factor to consider is player reviews and ratings. One thing players will do is give feedback on whether they enjoyed the casino’s services or not. Therefore, consistent positive feedback indicates a solid reputation. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve provided a list of the safest online casinos for US players. They include:

  • BetRivers
  • Betway
  • FanDuel
  • Caesars Palace
  • DraftKings

So, Do You Know How to Avoid Blacklisted Online Casinos Now? 

Now that we have established that the online gaming world is swamped with several scam casino sites, the most important element is learning how to identify and avoid these blacklisted sites.

By carefully assessing a casino’s key features, such as licenses, gaming practices, and customer service, you can protect your funds and personal information.

To make sure you play safely to your favorite casino games, pick among the most trusted online casinos for US players in 2024.