Winning Big with Monopoly Live: Expert Strategy Guide

Did you know a live version of Monopoly combining real-time action with digital gameplay existing? Now that you’re aware of its existence, let’s review how you get to win big with Monopoly Live.

With the integration of dynamic gameplay features and immersive interaction, knowing the effective strategies for playing Monopoly Live is important. This would also include betting techniques and understanding the game mechanics.

Based on the world’s best-loved board game, Monopoly Live offers something extraordinary. Let’s dive into the intricacies that surround the Monopoly Live game. 

Key Takeaways

  • With my strategies, you will finally be able to take your revenge and win a session of Monopoly Live!
  • Your new betting system will allow you to win bigger!

Understanding Monopoly Live Gameplay

Monopoly Live by Evolution is an online game inspired by the classic board game. It was created in partnership with Hasbro and exclusive to Evolution, a renowned company that creates top-notch live casino games. You can play it on your phone or computer, and it’s hosted by a dealer in a live studio. 

The Monopoly Live strategy combines elements of Monopoly with casino-style gameplay. Mr. Monopoly is there to accompany you during your gaming session: he hosts the 3D bonus game.

Advanced Monopoly Live Casino Strategies I Have Tried Myself

The first time I tried Monopoly Live Casino, I discovered it differed from the regular board I used to play with my family.

Most times in the Monopoly Live game, luck determines the outcome. It’s rare for you to influence the result. Here are some of the best Monopoly Live strategies I’ve used while playing.

Bankroll Management

Proper bankroll management is one of the main elements to apply in your game’s strategy.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the game: Its terms, conditions, and payouts. It’s an advantage for you to understand the rules, features, and pay table. 
  2. Decide on a budget and stick to it: Set limits on how much you’re willing to spend and avoid gambling more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Play responsibly by monitoring your wins and losses: If you feel overwhelmed, take a break. I also set deposit limits with the casino platform I’m using. This has helped me control my spending and prevent excessive losses.

Monopoly Live Betting Strategy

I often use the low-risk strategy as my Monopoly Live betting strategy. It helps me cover most of the wheel, giving you a good chance of winning. 

With this strategy, you’ll likely win small amounts regularly. To use it, bet €2 on Segment 10, €2 on Segment 5, €2 on Segment 2, and €4 on Segment 1. Although you won’t win big, you’ll have a better chance of getting some money back, ranging from €8 to €22.

Here is how OpenStax analyzes betting placement strategies and their expected outcomes,

Expected value (EV) helps determine the best bet by calculating the average outcome over many plays.

In rolling two dice, EV is the average sum of numbers, calculated by considering each outcome’s probability and associated value.

For example: In an online roulette game where a bet has a 1/36 chance of winning and a $36 payout, its EV is:

\[ EV = \frac{1}{36} \times \$36 = \$1 \]

Comparing EVs helps players decide which bet offers better long-term returns.

Betting Systems

The basic element of the Monopoly Live casino game is betting. You should know how important it is to comprehend several betting techniques. Here are a few well-liked methods I’ve tried:

  • Fibonacci System: Loss management can be aided by sticking to a particular betting sequence based on the Fibonacci sequence. I set a bet limit to avoid loss. 
  • Martingale System: This tactic steadily raises stakes to compensate for earlier losses. I don’t advise it, but it works sometimes. 
  • Paroli System: I mostly take advantage of winning streaks by doubling my wagers following each victory.

Strategic Property Purchases

Investing strategically in properties during the Monopoly Live bonus round can significantly increase your earnings. 

It’s crucial to grasp the values of properties on the Monopoly board to succeed in this area. Here’s a simplified table displaying the properties and their respective values:

Monopoly PropertiesValue
Mediterranean $60
Oriental $100
Vermont $100
Connecticut $120
St. Charles$140
Electric $150
Virginia $160
St. James$180
Tennessee $180

Dice Roll Strategies

Your performance in Monopoly Live can greatly impact your ability to manage dice rolls effectively. I’ve tried some techniques and I believe they will help you roll dice more effectively.

  • Analyze Historical Rolls: I study patterns and trends that might aid my next dice roll by reviewing earlier rolls.
  • Bet Diversification: I place bets on various possible outcomes to increase my chances of winning.
  • Set Betting Limits: For me, I’ve always been able to successfully minimize risks by simply setting limits for my bets.

Number 2 & 2 Rolls

Let me give you a simple tip. If you start your bankroll with $70, set your stake like this to start your session: 

  • $1 on Number 1
  • $0.40 on 2 Rolls
  • $0.10 on 4 Rolls

When I tried it, the wheel yielded a 2 Rolls bonus on the first spin, followed by Chance and a 3x multiplier. Mr. Monopoly landed on Chance in the 2 Rolls round, revealing a 3x multiplier. The 6x multiplier was applied on the re-spin, and I won a total of $4 at the end of the round.

→ It’s not perfect, but it’s also not terrible. I kept my bets at $0.40 and $0.10 for the bonus rounds, as I started with 2 Rolls.

Number 10 & Rolls Progressive

After successfully trying the Monopoly Live Number 2 strategy, I switched to trying out the segment with the second-highest RTP, Number 10. I planned to bet on Number 10 and cover both bonus wagers simultaneously, while gradually increasing my bonus stakes as I played. 

→ Although this strategy didn’t work out as I had hoped, I stuck around to learn about the surprising sequence of spins I encountered. 

After two successful rounds with Number 2, I chose Number 10 for its 96.02% return rate and 10 to 1 payout. I also covered both bonus segments and experimented with a betting system, raising my wagers on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls after every three spins. 

I began with: 

  • $0.50 on Number 10
  • $0.40 on 2 Rolls
  • $0.10 on 4 Rolls

→ I hoped for a big win, since no special features had been triggered in the previous 20 spins before I started.

Number 1 & Rolls

After trying the Number 2 and Number 10 game strategy, I shifted my focus to Number 1 and the two bonus segments. 

I placed consistent $1 bets on Number 1 while adjusting my wager for the bonus segments. The Number 1 has 22 segments and they all pay even odds.

→ Any bet you place on the correct number will win you a corresponding payout. For instance, Number 1 has a 1.1 payout ratio, which means your $5 bet win will bring back $5.

Monopoly Live Strategy Myths Debunked

A game theory expert in Monopoly Live was asked on Reddit about what to buy to help win in the game, here is a summary of what she said: 

Nearly all of them. Seriously. Try to get as many properties as you can. The money they cost is worth considerably less than the value you’ll get out of them.

There are some properties that I would avoid paying full price for. You’re not going to win with the utilities. If they go up for auction, bid up to 125 if you have the money to spare.

You can buy every single property you land on. Utilities are also worth buying, especially early in the game before the house-building phase starts. Over the years, Monopoly has replaced the two utilities in the Standard Edition.

The quickest strategy to edge your opponent is to buy utility:

  • If 3 Utilities are owned, the rent is 16 times the dice value. 
  • If 4 Utilities are owned, the rent is 20 times the dice value.

Many players think owning only properties and omitting utilities will get you what you want. There is no one winning strategy on Monopoly Live. Spread your gameplay and enjoy the thrill of ultimate win and experience. 

How to Win at Monopoly Live: My 10 Best Tips

You must know that no particular tip guarantees winning in Monopoly Live. Some tips work overtime if you follow them correctly. Here are some that I use: 

  1. Choose a Legit Online Casino: You are no longer playing the classic board game, so you must be more careful. Whatever platform you use must have a license to help keep your money safe. If you are not familiar with any, you can do a little research on the best platform to play on. Don’t leave your money wagering to change when you can protect it. 
  2. Go easy while betting: Monopoly Live may seem like a slot machine, but it’s purely chance-based. New players often bet big, leading to quick bankroll depletion. While no guaranteed strategy exists, understanding the odds helps. Start with small bets to learn payouts, multipliers, and bonus triggers. Take your time to enjoy this engaging game.
  3. Start with lower odds: For beginners, starting with lower-odds payouts in Monopoly Live is best. Avoid high-risk bets to preserve your bankroll. Focus on numbers 1 and 2, which offer decent RTP percentages and frequent appearances. With small bets and patience, you can enjoy the game longer and increase your chances of triggering exciting bonus features.
  4. Memorize the rules: Learn and remember the rules, and keep a copy handy for everyone to see during the game. This prevents surprises from rules you didn’t know about and helps you spot players trying to bend the rules. Stay calm and confident when enforcing the rules to avoid arguments and looking like the bad guy. Spending 30 minutes memorizing the rules is worth it if you’re going to play the game for two hours regularly.
  5. Learn the property frequencies: When playing Monopoly, note property frequencies. Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue are seldom landed upon, whereas the orange properties like St. James Place, NY Avenue, and Tennessee Ave. are popular due to their proximity to jail, making them profitable monopolies. Jail is the most visited space, with Illinois Ave being the most landed-upon property, followed by B&O Railroad. A hotel on Illinois Ave yields substantial income, second only to the Boardwalk.
  6. Buy properties others desire: Strategic property acquisition is key when playing Monopoly. Buy properties others desire, preventing monopolies and setting up potential trades. If an opponent aims for a monopoly, buy the properties they need. However, if two players each own a property from a set, focus elsewhere. Use desirable properties for advantageous trades, leveraging your position for mutual benefit.
  7. Look out for recurring streaks: While playing, I have noticed that the game experiences winning streaks. Check the scorecard to identify the outcomes that occur frequently. You can then bet on these options to see if you can join a winning streak. It works sometimes. 
  8. Stay in Jail for a while: In Monopoly, Jail can be strategic. Early on, pay to leave Jail to buy properties. But later, if many properties are taken or developed, consider staying in Jail. This avoids paying rent and lets you wait for the right dice roll to leave. It’s a smart move as the game progresses.
  9. Have fun: To enjoy Monopoly Live, focus on having fun rather than using specific betting strategies like in live blackjack or roulette. Treat it more like a thrilling game show rather than a strategic casino game. Bet an amount you’re comfortable with and simply savor the excitement.
  10. Take a breather: Remember to gamble responsibly while playing Monopoly Live. Keep track of your wins and losses, and if you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break. It’s also wise to set deposit limits with your casino to control your spending and prevent exceeding your budget.

Practicing Monopoly Live Strategy: Demo vs. Live Play

Monopoly Live is an exciting live online game show inspired by the classic board game. It blends the thrill of the money wheel with iconic Monopoly features. 

This immersive game combines live gameplay and augmented reality, revolutionizing Live Casino entertainment.

Evolution does not offer a Monopoly Live demo mode. This is the usual case for live casino games. Since there is no demo version, watching previous streaming or reply is vital to understand how the game works.

Here is a testimony from a player when asked about what he learned while transitioning:

Monopoly is a good game. It’s not only a fun game to play, it actually educates us on buying more properties, earn cash flow from properties, then you can buy more properties with the rent u earned.

Player Success Stories: Monopoly Live Strategy in Action

Strategic gameplay in Monopoly Live often influences winning, and some players have shared their success stories using this method to win big.

Buy railroads and utilities. And the orange properties. People seem to land on these most often. And the very cheap ones like Baltic Avenue. But even with houses and hotels, it won’t be as good an earner as other properties.

Mary Krupka on Quora

He who owns the House supply wins the game: Never buy hotels, just sit on 4 houses. Use Mediterranean+Baltic to lock up houses from the supply. Your goal should be to never let a hotel hit the board.

ShadowfoxDrow on Reddit

I focus on acquiring properties in the early rounds of the game, especially the orange and red properties which have the highest probability of being landed on.

I also aim to get a monopoly on a color group as soon as possible, as this allows me to charge higher rent and potentially bankrupt my opponents.

Stella Green on Quora

So, Will You Apply Monopoly Strategies Tonight?

We have established that there is no winning strategy to win Monopoly Live, but certain gameplay techniques can boost your chance. 

However, you shouldn’t neglect the techniques and tips I have given you, even if they take time. When you consistently hit the bulls eyes, you may experience winning streaks or accumulate higher payouts in casino games. 

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