Arkansas Online Casinos 2024 – Which One to Pick?

Are you feeling lucky and ready to put some real money on the line? Gambling can be enticing, but where should you go to experience it?

In this article, you will find out what Arkansas offers in terms of online gaming. It is significant that you understand what online casinos from your state have to offer in terms of perks and rewards to know where you will truly get the best experience.

Having an exciting experience at an Arkansas online casino can determine the trajectory of your time there. Therefore, it is best to understand online casino operations, particularly the legality of it. 

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • Find out which are our 5 top Sweepstakes casinos to play in Arkansas.
  • You’ll know all the latest news and regulations of Arkansas online gambling.

Are Real Money Online Casinos Legal in Arkansas? 

Better yet, are casinos legal in Arkansas? In Arkansas, gambling laws have been amended over the years. By initiating a ballot in 2018, Arkansas citizens voted to expand its gambling laws to accommodate sports betting and casinos. This allowed for the operation of four casinos.

Before this, all you could bet on in Arkansas was a lottery and horse racing. The law was amended to permit the legalization of online sports betting only. This has been misinterpreted by many people who want to start online casinos in the state.

However, online gambling in Arkansas is strictly prohibited under Title 5 of the State Code.  

My Top 5 Sweepstakes Online Casinos in Arkansas 

Sweepstakes casinos are legal and act like regular online casinos, except they use virtual currencies. These casinos operate in Arkansas with a legal grey area, as only real money online casinos are prohibited.

No provision was made in the Arkansas code for virtual currencies. Check out the best Sweepstakes Online Casinos below.

Fortune Coins in Arkansas

Casino Type Sweepstakes
Welcome Bonus18,330,000 Gold Coins + Free 4,990 Fortune Coins
Payouts 97.02%
Best Online Casino Arkansas for Regular Promotions

Fortune Coins stands out among the sweepstakes online casinos in Arkansas for its generous welcome bonus. By registering, you get a whopping 18,330,000 gold coins, plus an additional 4,990 fortune coins, which can be used in several games, including online poker.

You’ll find many progressive jackpots games that offer a chance to get big winnings. Besides that, Fortune Coins’ casino site is one to beat; the interface, navigation, and clearly laid out terms offer a fascinating experience. 

→ Of the many games the website offers, I enjoy Lucky Panda the most. It is a slot game with big rewards. And who doesn’t like pandas?

Gambino Slots in Arkansas 

Casino Type Social Casino
Welcome Bonus 100,000 G-Coins and 200 FS
Payouts 97.1%
Best Online Casino Arkansas for Exciting game designs

Gambino Slots is one site that embraces simplicity. The principle of “less is more” is seen throughout the site. This, however, doesn’t translate to bonuses. Upon registration, you get a bonus of 100,000 G-Coins and 200 free spins.

The welcome bonus gives you a good virtual currency starting capital. Not only is this fun available on the Gambino website, but it is also available on its casino app. It is important to note that none of the fun here converts to real cash. 

→ I love to play Sweets n Treats, a candy-themed party game that brings all the vibes and offers generous rewards.  

Lucky Bird in Arkansas

Casino Type Sweepstakes 
Welcome Bonus 5,000 gold coins + 3 treasure chests
Payouts 96.5%
Best Online Casino Arkansas for Rewards System

At Lucky Bird Sweepstakes Casino, you can play online casino games to win real rewards. Upon registration, every new user gets a welcome bonus of 5,000 gold coins and 3 treasure chests. Existing users get free coins through different tasks. 

Besides the attractive bonuses that Lucky Bird offers, it also provides referral and a great VIP program that reward loyal website users. Signing up and claiming bonuses is also pretty seamless. The process is as easy as verifying the email address provided.  

→ As a lover of Greek mythology, The Legend of Zeus slot game with challenging quests and puzzles caught my eye on this website. 

Chanced Casino in Arkansas 

Casino Type Social Casino
Welcome Bonus 10,000 gold coins + 2 free Sweep Coins
Payouts N/A
Best Online Casino Arkansas for Slot Machines

Chanced Casino well describes itself as The #1 Social Casino. As an online casino with over 500 Slots, this casino is truly distinct as over a dozen of these games are Chanced Originals and cannot be found on any other website. 

Apart from slots and table games, the platform also incorporates live dealer games, effectively catering to every player’s preference. This casino also offers opportunities for players to wager the coins they’ve earned and win virtual currencies, all for free. 

→ The Sugar Rush Kart racing game with colorful 3D graphics and many candies and chocolates is one of my favorites on this website.

Funrize Casino in Arkansas

Casino Type Sweepstakes
Welcome Bonus 400,000 gold coins and 1,000 entries
Payouts 97%
Best Online Casino Arkansas for Quick Payouts

Funrize Casino is one of the best online and new sweepstakes casinos in Arkansas. When it comes to bonuses, this casino is one to beat as it offers juicy rewards

As a new user, you can get up to 400,000 gold coins and 1,000 entries for instant use. Apart from that, you can also spin the Funrize Wheel, which can get you up to 250,000 gold coins. These rewards allow you to gamble for fun, but you can also gamble to win real prizes.  

Wild Safari is one game I play on the website repeatedly for its jackpots and irresistible multipliers.

Want to Bet Real Money? Try Land-Based Casinos in Arkansas

Are there casinos in Arkansas? How many casinos are there? As earlier opined in this review, the Arkansas Racing Commission has accommodated real money land-based casinos in the territory, although online casino gambling is prohibited.

The casinos available in Arkansas are evenly spread across Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, and West Memphis. They are notable spots on the Arkansas casino map. 

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort in Hot Springs

Oakland Racing Casino Resort is located in Hot Springs National Park. It is one of the first thoroughbred racetracks in the country since 1904. This resort hosts horse racing competitions and has a casino where you can place bets on games, ranging from slots and table games to sports betting. Its exquisite dining and bar all culminate to give this overall unforgettable experience.

Oaklawn is a great experience for racing and a good time for a weekend away. You can stay locally or at the hotel and casino.

Chris, a regular player
  • Address: 2705 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 800-625-5296
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours
  • Review on Google: 4.2/5

Saracen Casino Resort in Pine Bluff  

Saracen Casino Resort, home to an 80,000-square-foot gaming area in Pine Bluff, is Arkansas’s first fully independent casino. It has over 1,800 slot machines, a dedicated poker room, and 40 table games. This resort also houses four exquisite restaurants that offer top cuisines. The pop of culture in its interior decor and its ever-helpful staff also give a welcoming feel.

I drive over 400 miles round trip whenever I visit Saracen. I like this casino. The only thing is the lighting… It’s too dark. My slot hostess is helpful, as is the rest of the staff.

Barbara Nash, a regular to the resort
  • Address: 1 Saracen Resort Dr, Pine Bluff, AR 71601, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 870-686-9001
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours
  • Review on Google: 4.1/5 

Southland Casino in West Memphis

This casino in West Memphis serves as the ultimate destination for gaming, entertainment, and dining. The casino floor at Southland Casino features 2,300 slot machines and 50 table games. It also features live sports betting actions, giving options for various sports. The hotel and restaurant make this place more homey and exquisite.

The rooms are on par with the nicer casino hotels I visit. The casino itself is very nice! Brightly lit, all the latest games and the main casino is smoke-free.

Anonymous testimonial
  • Address: 1550 Ingram Blvd, West Memphis, AR 72301, United States
  • Phone Number: +18004676182
  • Website:
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours
  • Review on Google: 3.9/5

How to Declare Taxable Winnings in Arkansas?  

According to Rule 6.030, in the American state, casino gambling or gaming is subject to a 13% tax on the first $150m of net casino gaming receipts and 20% on every amount exceeding $150m.

In Arkansas, winnings on gambles, minus any losses up to the number of winnings, are treated as taxable income. The amount then determines the rate.

These winnings are taxed by the federal government and are to be reported as income. The way you declare any other income and pay taxes is the same way you declare winnings on your gambles.

Other Legal Gambling Activities in Arkansas 

As reiterated in this review, Arkansas has minimal gambling activity. Its laws are very strict concerning gambling, making provision for horse and dog racing primarily.

Two of the casinos located in the state, Southland Casino and Oaklawn Racing Casino, are known as ‘racinos‘ as they accommodate both casino betting and race betting in accordance with the laws of the state.

Other than the usual casino slots, table games, and poker, you can bet real money on horse and dog racing as you sit back to watch your bets turn into winnings on losses right on the racetracks.

Apart from all these, you can also bet on your favorite sports if you are particularly interested in sports betting in Arkansas. This cuts across every kind of sport available, including daily fantasy sports, depending on the casino.

History of Gambling in Arkansas 

Arkansas is a state known for its strict laws concerning how to gamble. Its laws concerning this form of entertainment are partly due to its commitment to reducing gambling addiction to its lowest form and maintaining a healthy work and financial culture among its people.

Arkansas Racing Commission regulates gaming and their law has shifted over the years as outlined below:

  • 1874: The constitution only made provision for just one type of gambling, and that was lotteries.
  • 1890s to 1900s: The rise of thoroughbred racing in Arkansas. Many anti-gambling laws were revisited, giving rise to Essex Park.
  • 1907: A Citizens Improvement Union Bill was passed, outlawed horse racing throughout the state. 
  • 1913-1914: A fire destroyed Hot Springs and downturned the local economy. Horse racing was brought back to improve it.
  • 1929: A new bill to legalize horse racing was passed again but vetoed by Governor Harvey Parnell.
  • 2018: The US Supreme Court dismissed a federal law that prohibited many states from legalizing sports events gambling and other forms of gambling.
  • 2021: The Arkansas Racing Commission passed rules that allow Arkansas casinos to provide online sportsbooks for sports betting. 

What’s Next for Arkansas Online Casinos? 

Even with the strict regulations prohibiting online casino activities, the future of legal online casinos in Arkansas is not so bleak. With the provision made in recent times to allow for online sports betting, it can be deduced that online casinos are something to look forward to, even if not in the foreseeable future.

We know that with the strict rules in place concerning gambling in the state, gambling-friendly regulations are not likely to be introduced anytime soon.

This can be partially blamed on Arkansas’s slowness in adopting online casinos. Krafcik had said that by the end of 2027:

Only a very small number of states will legalize online casinos.

The use of sweepstakes online casinos, however, is here to stay. 

So, Will You Bet From Arkansas Tonight? 

Online casinos and sports betting in the state of Arkansas are still ideas that have not been fully formed. Gambling laws in Arkansas generally have evolved over the years, but it is still evident that the state frowns on gambling activities.

From our guide, you can deduce that there is no best online casino in Arkansas, but plenty of great sweepstakes casinos options!

Regardless, players in Arkansas have to be careful, practicing responsible gambling and not engaging in any gambling activity that can be illegal or going to offshore casinos for online gaming.

If you’re from another US state and want to find out whether your state allows online gambling or not, consult our complete page.