How to Register on Bally Casino?

Wondering how to register on Bally Casino? The steps are easy, but this guide is going to make the process even faster. In fact, you might be able to beat my record of signing up in four minutes!

By the end of this detailed guide, you’ll know how to sign up, what you need, and what to expect. So, open your browser, and let’s get ready to join Bally Online Casino!

The Registration in Short

  • Website:
  • Total Process Time: 4 minutes
  • Registration Available in: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island
  • Welcome Offer: Up to $100
  • Promo Code: Automatic with signup
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • App: iOS, Android, Web

How to Register on Bally Casino: Step-by-Step Guide

When I joined Bally Casino, I entered my information from an iPhone 13 Pro using the Safari web browser from my home Wi-Fi network. The process was just as easy as signing up for an email list!

The Steps You Should Follow

Personally, I never forget to verify a platform’s security and its reputation ahead of registration. I can’t recommend enough to refer to our online casino reviews: you’ll find all the required information from our experts’ tested and approved gaming experience.

Once you’ve done your research with TrustnPlay’s legit guide, and picked Bally Casino, it is time to sign up! Follow these steps for your Bally Casino sign up:

  1. Join Now: From the homepage, hit the button in the bottom utility bar.
  2. Enter Your Details: Name, email address, birthday, and gender. The basics!
  3. Create Your Account: Enter a username and password you’ll remember.
  4. Finer Details: Enter your address, cell phone number, and Social Security Number.
  5. Referral Codes and Promo Codes: If you have a code, enter it now.
  6. Check the Boxes: Go through the final checkboxes to finish registration and opt into marketing emails from Bally. 
  7. Verify Your Cell Number: Bally will text you to confirm your cell phone number. Pop open the text and paste the code into the registration page.
  8. Verify Your Email: Check your email and verify everything through the email Bally will send you. 
  9. You’re Done Registering: It’s time to fund your account and go play!

What to Do Once Your Registration Is Validated

Okay, you’ve filled out “the paperwork”, but your registration on Bally Casino hasn’t been finished yet. You’re a few more clicks away from Bally Online Casino’s generous welcome bonus!

Activate the Welcome Offer

To get up to $100 in money back as a new player, all you’ve got to do is sign up through Bally’s official website, be 21, and respect the minimum deposit requirement of $10.

For other promotions to boost your bankroll, check out our Bally Casino bonuses page for the latest and best referral, bonus, and promo codes.

Note: Remember, signing up for Bally Casino isn’t the same as signing up for Bally Bet Sportsbook. How to sign up for Bally Sports is an entirely different question! Plus, if your Bally Bet registration fails, you’ll need to be careful with your signup for Bally Casino as your information may be flagged.

Make Your First Deposit

After verifying your registration, you’ll be brought to a deposit form. You’ll be able to pick from the payment methods below, enter your information, and pick your deposit amount. 

$10 is the absolute minimum, but you have options for a $25, $50, $100, and $500 initial deposit. Keep your bankroll and gaming style in mind!

Payment MethodsMin. Deposit
Verified E-Check$10

Choose Your Game

You can stop your stopwatch. You’re done! Did you beat my four minutes? It’s time to play some online casino games.

→ If you need a recommendation for a game to start with, go for the slot machine $100,000 Pyramid by IGT, a play on the classic game show

With 15 possible pay lines and a 95% RTP with medium volatility, the payout potential isn’t half bad compared to the fun factor! The game $100,000 Pyramid will make you feel like you’re back in your grandparent’s smoky den watching game shows on a tube television… Or is that just me?

ID Verification

Once you’re registered, you’re going to want to promptly verify your identity to streamline withdrawals. After all, if you hit a lucky streak on your first day, you could be ready to rock pretty quickly!

  1. Take a Photo: Get out your valid government ID. That can be your driver’s license, passport, or general ID card, and take a photo.
    • Tip 1: Make sure your ID is evenly lit, and turn your phone’s flash on to get a good photo. 
    • Tip 2: If you’re having a hard time with business, put your ID against a contrasting surface – for example, put your white driver’s license on a black counter to take the photo.
  2. Submit: 
    • Email: Email your ID photo to [email protected] with your account details.
    • Bally’s Website: Using Bally’s online help desk, submit a verification ticket.
    • Live Chat: Let an agent in the Live Chat know that you’d like to verify your information and provide them a photo of your ID piece.

My Expert Opinion

My recommendation to register at Bally Casino is a resounding YES! By the way, if you’re still considering the quality of Bally Casino, take a look at our Bally Casino review.

Ultimately, Bally has the fast registration thing down. It is so fast and easy that you’ll be completely done registering, verification included, and ready to play in under 5 minutes. Trust me, you won’t regret signing up!